What do you know about me, Isabeau? He leaned forward and I forced myself to stay still instead of shying away. He was so close that I could smell the subtle notes of his cologne: musk and wood with a hint of leather. What did he want me to say? That everyone said he was an ogre? Or that they all wanted to sleep with him anyway?I...Go on. You won't hurt my feelings. He was still smiling, slight dimples visible in both cheeks. The sight was destracting, to say the least.I know that you're the youngest CEO and partner in the company's history and I know that you earned the spot by working your way up after graduate school instead of using your inheritance as a crutch.Everyone knows that. What do you know about me? The real stuff. None of this press release bullshit.I looked down at my hands, anything not to have to look up at his face so close to me. Um. People say... they say that you're scary. And that your assistants don't last long.He laughed, a deep, warm sound that seemed to fill up the office. I glanced up to see him smirking at me. I relaxed my grip on the desk a little. Maybe I wasn't being fired after all.What else do they say?Oh, God. He can't possibly want me to tell him everything. Does he? The look on his face confirmed that he did. It was clear by the way he looked at me that I wasn't leaving this office until I gave him exactly what he wanted.They say. Um... They say that you're very, uh, good looking... and impossible to please.Oh they do, do they? He sat back and tented his fingers beneath his chin. Well, do you agree with them? Do you think I am scary, handsome and woefully unsatisfied?My mouth dropped open and I quickly closed it with a snap. Yes. I mean, no! I mean, I don't know...He stood, then and leaned in close, towering over me. You were right the first time.Anxiety coursed through me, but I have to admit, being this close to him, smelling his scent and feeling the heat radiating off his body, it made me wonder what it would be like to be in his arms. To be his. To be owned by him...His face was almost touching mine when he whispered to me. I am unsatisfied, Isabeau. I want you to be my new assistant. Will you do that for me? Will you be at my beck and call?My breath left me as his words sunk in. When I finally regained it, I felt like I was trembling from head to toe. His beck and call.Wh-what about your old assistant?Mr. Drake leaned back again and took my chin in his hand, forcing my eyes to his. What about her? I want you.His touch on my skin was electric. Are we still talking about business? Yes, Mr. Drake.His thumb stroked my cheek for the briefest of moments and then he released me, breathless and wondering what I'd just agreed to.
Delilah Fawkes
Followers Everywhere To start with; Facebook : 10K followers !!Instagram : 710 followers !!Twitter : 20K followers !!Followers!! Followers!! And Followers!!Well, who are these followers? Just more than being a crowd of audience, who are they? Ever thought of? And for what purpose are they following you or someone else? Is it because you are a famous personality, a best friend, or you're someone who holds a high status in the society or just because you're simply rich enough to be followed ?Everyone live their life the way they want to. No one is bound to live under certain limitations or boundaries. Every individual have their own freedom in life. Each one of them is unique too. But what holds us different from others is the work we do for ourselves and for our society. Our behaviour, personality, nature, our attitude towards life and our talents hold us apart from others. Some people are really good and some are really worse than you ever thought of. What I am trying to say is that some are 'legally' good and they may or may not hold a high position in the society and some are 'illegally' good and they may or may not hold a high position in the society. I just want to say that follow people for who they actually are, for the good work they do for themselves and for everyone. And respect them by being their true follower in a true sense. The person whom you follow doesn't need to be a rich or poor. A person should be rich by heart and poor by wealth! Even I am not someone to be followed, yet I do have a few followers. It's not because I am some great personality or a renowned writer, but might be because they like my work. And I feel happy for that. And I thank God for blessing me with this wonderful skill of writing. Even I follow many people including some really great personalities for their good work and for their kind way of serving the society and the poor. And I believe that, this is the true way to show respect for them.
Sujish Kandampully