Do you see that man in the black Porsche? I asked the women.They squinted out at Ranger. Yes, they said.Your partner.He's homeless. He's looking for a place to stay and he might be interested in renting Singh's room.Mrs.Apusenja's eyes widened. We could use the income.She looked at Nonnie and then back at Ranger. Is he married?Nope. He's single. He's a real catch.Connie did something between a gasp and a snort and buried her head back behind the computer. Thank you for everything. Mrs.Apusenja said. I suppose you are not such a bad slut. I will go talk to your partner.:Omigod, Connie said, when the door closed behind the Apusenja's. Ranger's going to kill you. The Apusenjas stood beside the Porsche, talkig to Ranger for a few long minutes, giving him the big sales pitch. The pitch wound down, Ranger responded and Mrs. Apusenja looked disappointed. The two women crossed the road and got into the burgundy Escort and quickly drove away. Ranger turned his head in my direction and our eyes met. His expression was still bemused, but this time it was the sort of bemused expression a kid has when he's pulling the wings off a fly.Uh-Oh,Connie said. I whipped around and faced Connie. Quick, give me an FTA. You're backed up, right? For God's sake, give me something fast. I need a reason to stand here until he calms down! Connie shoved a pile of folders at me. Pick one. Any one! Oh shit, he's getting out of his car.....He leaned into me and his lips brushed the shell of my ear. Feeling playful?I don't know what you're talking about.Watch your back babe. I will get even.-Ranger and Stephanie
Janet Evanovich