Were you there?She shook her head. No. I was here in Nain having achild.Then why do you weep as though you had part in hiscrucifixion? You had no part in it.I’d like nothing better than to think I would haveremained faithful. But if those closest to him—hisdisciples, his own brothers—turned away, who am I tothink I’m better than they and would have donedifferently? No, Marcus. We all wanted what wewanted and when the Lord fulfilled his purpose ratherthan ours, we struck out against him. Like you. In anger.Like you. In disappointment. Yet, it is God’s will thatprevails.He looked away. I don’t understand any of this.I know you don’t. I see it in your face, Marcus. Youdon’t want to see. You’ve hardened your heart againsthim. She started to walk again.As should all who value their lives, he said, thinking ofHadassah’s death.It is God who has driven you here.He gave a derisive laugh. I came here of my ownaccord and for my own purposes.Did you? Marcus’ face became stony.Deborah pressed on. We were all created incompleteand will find no rest until we satisfy the deepest hungerand thirst within us. You’ve tried to satisfy it in your ownway. I see that in your eyes, too, as I’ve seen it in somany others. And yet, though you deny it with your lastbreath, your soul yearns for God, Marcus LucianusValerian.Her words angered him. Gods aside, Rome showsthe world that life is what man makes of it.If that’s so, what are you making of yours?I own a fleet of ships, as well as emporiums andhouses. I have wealth. Yet, even as he told her, heknew it all meant nothing. His father had come to thatrealization just before he died. Vanity. It was all vanity.Meaningless. Empty.Old Deborah paused on the pathway. Rome points theway to wealth and pleasure, power and knowledge. ButRome remains hungry. Just as you are hungry now.Search all you will for retribution or meaning to your life,but until you find God, you live in vain.
Francine Rivers
You let her get away? Caine demanded, forgetting Sam for the moment.I didn’t let her get away. They were in the room with me. The girl was pissing me off so I smacked her. Then they disappeared. Gone.Caine shot a murderous look at Diana. Diana said, No. She was months away from turning fifteen. And, anyway, her little brother is four.Then how? Caine furrowed his brow. Can it be the power?Diana shook her head. I read Astrid again on the way here. She’s barely at two bars. No way. Two people teleporting?The color drained from Caine’s face. The retard?He’s autistic, he’s like in his own world, Diana protested.Did you read him?He’s a little autistic kid, why would I read him?Caine turned to Sam. What do you know about this? He raised his hand, a threat. His face inches from Sam’s, he screamed, What do you know?Well. I know that I enjoy seeing you scared, Caine.The invisible fist sent Sam sprawling on his back.Diana, for the first time, looked worried. Her usual smirk was gone. The only time we saw teleporting was Taylor up at Coates. And she could only go across a room. She was a three. If this kid can teleport himself and his sister through walls…He could be a four, Caine said softly.Yes, Diana said. He could be a four. When she said the word four, she looked straight at Sam. He could be even more.Caine said, Orc, Howard: lock Sam up, tie him down so he can’t get that Mylar off his hands, then get Freddie to help you. He’s done plastering before, he knows what to do. Get whatever you need from the hardware store. He grabbed Drake by the shoulder. Find Astrid and that kid.How am I going to catch them if they can just zap out whenever they want?I didn’t say catch them, Caine said. Take a gun, Drake. Shoot them both before they see you.Sam charged at Caine and plowed into him before he could react. The momentum carried them both to the floor. Sam headbutted Caine in the nose. Caine was slow to recover, but Drake and Orc swarmed over Sam and kicked him off Caine.Sam groaned in pain. You can’t kill people, Caine. Are you crazy?You hurt my nose, Caine said.You’re screwed up, Caine. You need help. You’re insane.Yeah, Caine said, touching his nose and wincing at the pain. That’s what they keep telling me. It’s what Nurse Temple…Mom…told me. Just be glad I need to keep you around, Sam. I need to see you blink out, figure out how to keep it from happening to me. Orc, take this hero away. Drake: go.If you hurt them, Drake, I’ll hunt you down and kill you, Sam shouted.Don’t waste your breath, Diana said to him. You don’t know Drake. Your girlfriend’s as good as dead.
Michael Grant