Michael grew silent, his gaze softening as he looked from me to Will and a dim light of hope flickered in my heart. You would mourn for him.Yes, I said. I would mourn him forever with a broken heart. This human soul has given me so many blessings and curses. I’m the only one of our kind who has ever felt the most perfect happiness and the truest sorrow - because of this soul. My love for my Guardian is one of those blessings. It’s not a curse.You can, I promised. Please trust me. I need all the help I can get and that includes yours. If you kill my Guardian, then I will never forgive you. I can’t be at war with you too. Please, please, Michael, my brother. Don’t kill him.…A tear caught on the edge of my lips. Do you love me as your sister?His mouth opened to reply, but nothing came out.It’s okay, I whispered. You’re worried about me, because you love me. Don’t be afraid of feeling anything. our Father made us this way. He wouldn’t make a mistake.I…, Michael said and emotion spilled over his face. His brow furrowed with exhaustion and he seemed overwhelmed by what he felt. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. You are my sister, Gabriel.Then don’t do this. I begged him.He was quiet again for several agonising moments, returning to his emotionless state. Keep him. I have faith in you, Sister.Will and I breathed sighs of relief, but it was a few seconds before Michael withdrew his sword. His expression remained unchanging as he lifted Will’s death warrant.
Courtney Allison Moulton