It all happened within the blink of an eye. God locked Day’s arms behind his back and rolled pinning him down to the mattress and baring all his weight down on him. Day’s heart rate skyrocketed at the realization that God wasn’t awake yet.Cash, it’s me! It’s Leo! Wake up dammit! he shouted at God and bucked to try to free his hands that were trapped painfully behind him. His large biceps bulged and flexed with everything he had. He needed to be able to put up his guard. If God started to swing, he had to be able to block the hits.God blinked again and Day saw the reality seeping back into him. God’s head jerked back and forth looking all around the dark room.Cash, its Leo. Look at me. Look at me, Day said quickly.Cash turned and looked down at him and it broke his heart when God squeezed his eyes shut and let go of Day’s arms. Day knew that God felt horrible, not only from the nightmare but from potentially hurting him too. Day held in his groan of pain at bringing his hands from behind his back and wrapped them protectively around God. He pulled God down to his chest.I got you, baby. It’s all right, it’s just a dream, Day whispered softly while stroking God everywhere that he could reach.God’s heart was beating so hard Day could feel it against his own bare chest. He dug his hands in God’s long hair and massaged his scalp. God squeezed him back.He shot you. I couldn’t get to you in time and he shot you, God said through ragged breaths.Fuck, Day hissed and held God tight to him. No, baby. You did get to me in time. I’m right here with you. You saved me. You will always save me.Day opened his legs and let God sink in between them.Damn, I love you so fucking much, Day whispered.Day placed kisses on the side of God’s face while God had his nose buried in his neck breathing him in. They lay still while both of their heart rates came back down to normal.
A. E. Via