Yeye shifted in her seat as Roma stared down at her angrily. There are inter-realm laws I must abide by, that the soul must abide by as well when it comes to an appointed manifestation. Whoever was in the world before can not go into the new world. That identity must be forsaken. It must—Forsaken or forgotten? Roma barked. Forsaken, Yeye answered. Unless you’re putting this soul into a blank state like that of a child, it can not be forgotten. It has to be forsaken. That’s the rule or you get no soul. So you’re telling me that this soul will remember but will never be able to be that person it was? Roma asked. I’m telling you a new memory must be formed with absolutely no reference to the previous. What the freak is that? Roma asked, visibly agitated. You can form new memories while holding on to preexisting ones. Yeye stood. Yes Roma, you’re right. But you can also form new memories while you are unable to access the previous ones. Such it would have a drive that belongs to it but would never be able to access or be forbidden to access it? Roma asked. Yeye’s voice was low. I’m afraid that’s the way it is going to have to be. Roma shook his head vehemently. Exactly which way is that Yeye. Exactly which way is that in common terms? Yeye spoke in her most resolute tone yet. You will never be able to know whether or not this soul is Mara. Roma gained silence, breathing in and out rapidly. We’re getting out of this damned Zharfar, he said as he stormed out.&retina
Dew Platt