With her hands still fisted in his shirt, she gave a gentle tug until he bent enough that she could kiss him softly. And then not so softly.What was that for? he asked when she pulled free, his voice sexy low and gruff now.For being the kind of guy who can admit he has emotions.He cupped her face. We don’t have to tell anyone, right?She smiled. It’ll be our secret. But then her smile faded because she wasn’t good at secrets.Or maybe she was too good at them . . . I’m not helpless, she said. I want you to know that.I do know it. He paused, looking a little irritated again. Mostly.Good, she said. Now that’s settled, you should know, the caveman thing you just pulled . . . it turned me on a little bit.He slid her a look. Yeah?Yeah.Looking a little less like he was spoiling for a fight, his hands went to her hips and he pulled her in tighter.What the hell was she doing? Clearly, she wasn’t equipped to stay strong and who could? The guy was just too damn potent. Too visceral. Testosterone and pheromones leaked off of him. She dropped her head to his chest. Ugh. You’re being . . . you.Was that in English?This is all your fault.Nope. Definitely not English.You’re being all hot and sexy, dammit, she said. She banged her head on his chest a few times. And I can’t seem to . . . not notice said hotness and sexiness.He smiled. You want me again.Again. Still . . . She tossed up her hands. You wear your stupid sexiness on your sleeve and you don’t even know it.
Jill Shalvis