Yep. We’re his Lieutenants, Day answered, picking up the largest coffee cup Furi had ever seen and taking a huge gulp. You guys had a trying evening last night, so we thought we’d check in on you.Syn just nodded. Hmm. Right.Nice bandage. God peeked around his paper again angling his head at Syn’s hand. Nothing broken?Syn looked at his hand. Furi wrapped it up for me last night. Just a little torn skin, it’s nothing really.He tried to be all tough but I had to blow on it to make it feel better. Furi’s teasing had Syn smiling.Glad you’re okay, Syn. Day winked mischievously.Furi looked at Syn. You just don’t realize how awesome it is to have such great bosses. Came to check up on you, considerate enough to bring you breakfast, I mean just all around awesome guys.Just wait for it, Furi, Syn cut him off.What? Furi’s brow creased in confusion.All the warm compliments you’re giving God and Day ... just wait for it.Furi looked confused. I don’t know what you’re–What else did you have to blow on to make feel better? Day said around a snort. Really hate to have missed that show, spanky. Day smiled broadly at Furi.Furi groaned and dropped his head as he ran both hands through his hair. You guys watched my videos.Hell yeah. Day grinned.For evidence and research purposes only, God chimed in.Five times, Day yelled, punching God in his large bicep.Okay guys. Shut up, Syn huffed.I’m just saying, you lucky fuck. You get to date a hot porn puppy and we can’t say anything. Day stared at Furi, completely ignoring Syn’s fuming.
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