To be completely objective we must say:All men are mortal.Lionel Samaratunga's son is a man.Therefore Lionel Samaratunga's son is mortal.So stated, it is quite generally true and is the concern of no-one in particular. It is so generally true that it would serve in a textbook of logic as an example of a syllogism in Barbara (though usually, instead of Lionel Samaratunga's son, it is Socrates whose mortality is logically demonstrated).But how many students of logic are going to shed tears when they read that Lionel Samaratunga's son is destined to die? How many have so much as heard of Lionel Samaratunga, let alone of his son? (And anyway, how many students of logic shed a tear even over the death of Socrates, of whom they may perhaps have heard?) But if you were to come across this syllogism unexpectedly, it is not impossible that you might feel emotionally moved (as perhaps at this very moment you may be feeling a little uncomfortable at my having chosen an example so near home). And why should this be so? Because you are fond of Lionel Samaratunga's son and cannot regard this syllogism in Barbara, which speaks of his mortality, quite so objectively as a student of logic. In other words, as soon as feeling comes in at the door objectivity flies out the window. Feeling, being private and not public, is subjective and not objective.And the Buddha has said (A. III,61: i,176) that it is 'to one who feels' that he teaches the Four Noble Truths. So, then, the Dhamma must essentially refer to a subjective aniccatā—i.e. one that entails dukkha—and not, in any fundamental sense, to an objective aniccatā, which we can leave to students of logic and their professors. (Feeling is not a logical category at all.)
Nanavira Thera
THE ORGANIC FOODS MYTHA few decades ago, a woman tried to sue a butter company that had printed the word 'LITE' on its product's packaging. She claimed to have gained so much weight from eating the butter, even though it was labeled as being 'LITE'. In court, the lawyer representing the butter company simply held up the container of butter and said to the judge, My client did not lie. The container is indeed 'light in weight'. The woman lost the case.In a marketing class in college, we were assigned this case study to show us that 'puffery' is legal. This means that you can deceptively use words with double meanings to sell a product, even though they could mislead customers into thinking your words mean something different. I am using this example to touch upon the myth of organic foods. If I was a lawyer representing a company that had labeled its oranges as being organic and a man was suing my client because he found out that the oranges were being sprayed with toxins, my defense opening statement would be very simple: If it's not plastic or metallic, it's organic.Most products labeled as being organic are not really organic. This is the truth. You pay premium prices for products you think are grown without chemicals, but most products are. If an apple is labeled as being organic, it could mean two things. Either the apple tree itself is free from chemicals, or just the soil. One or the other, but rarely both. The truth is, the word 'organic' can mean many things and taking a farmer to court would be difficult if you found out his fruits were indeed sprayed with pesticides. After all, all organisms on earth are scientifically labeled as being organic, unless they are made of plastic or metal. The word 'organic' comes from the word 'organism', meaning something that is, or once was, living and breathing air, water and sunlight.So, the next time you stroll through your local supermarket and see brown pears that are labeled as being organic, know that they could have been third-rate fare sourced from the last day of a weekend market and have been re-labeled to be sold to a gullible crowd for a premium price. I have a friend who thinks that organic foods have to look beat up and deformed because the use of chemicals is what makes them look perfect and flawless. This is not true. Chemical-free foods can look perfect if grown in your backyard. If you go to jungles or forests untouched by man, you will see fruit and vegetables that look like they sprouted from trees from Heaven. So be cautious the next time you buy anything labeled as 'organic'. Unless you personally know the farmer or the company selling the products, don't trust what you read. You, me and everything on land and sea are organic.Suzy Kassem,Truth Is Crying
Suzy Kassem
Only once in your life, I trulybelieve, you find someone whocan completely turn your worldaround. You tell them things thatyou’ve never shared with anothersoul and they absorb everythingyou say and actually want to hearmore. You share hopes for thefuture, dreams that will nevercome true, goals that were neverachieved and the manydisappointments life has thrownat you. When somethingwonderful happens, you can’twait to tell them about it, knowingthey will share in yourexcitement. They are notembarrassed to cry with youwhen you are hurting or laughwith you when you make a fool ofyourself. Never do they hurt yourfeelings or make you feel like youare not good enough, but ratherthey build you up and show youthe things about yourself thatmake you special and evenbeautiful. There is never anypressure, jealousy or competitionbut only a quiet calmness whenthey are around. You can beyourself and not worry aboutwhat they will think of youbecause they love you for who youare. The things that seeminsignificant to most people suchas a note, song or walk becomeinvaluable treasures kept safe inyour heart to cherish forever.Memories of your childhood comeback and are so clear and vividit’s like being young again.Colours seem brighter and morebrilliant. Laughter seems part ofdaily life where before it wasinfrequent or didn’t exist at all. Aphone call or two during the dayhelps to get you through a longday’s work and always brings asmile to your face. In theirpresence, there’s no need forcontinuous conversation, but youfind you’re quite content in justhaving them nearby. Things thatnever interested you beforebecome fascinating because youknow they are important to thisperson who is so special to you.You think of this person on everyoccasion and in everything youdo. Simple things bring them tomind like a pale blue sky, gentlewind or even a storm cloud on thehorizon. You open your heartknowing that there’s a chance itmay be broken one day and inopening your heart, youexperience a love and joy that younever dreamed possible. You findthat being vulnerable is the onlyway to allow your heart to feeltrue pleasure that’s so real itscares you. You find strength inknowing you have a true friendand possibly a soul mate who willremain loyal to the end. Lifeseems completely different,exciting and worthwhile. Youronly hope and security is inknowing that they are a part ofyour life.
Delsin 474