Whatever it is, I said, the point is moot because as long as I am on these pills, I can't make contact to ask.Derek ... snapped, Then you need to stop taking the pills.Love to. If I could. But after what happened last night, they're giving me urine tests now.Ugh. That's harsh. Simon went quiet, then snapped his fingers.Hey, I've got an idea. It's kinda gross, but what if you take the pills, crush them and mix them with your, you know, urine.Derek stared at him.What?You did pass chem last year, didn't you?Simon flipped him the finger. Okay, genius, what's your idea?I'll think about it. ...***Here, Derek whispered, pressing an empty Mason jar into my hand. He'd pulled me aside after class and we were now standing at the base of the boy's staircase. Take this up to your room and hide it.It's a ... jar.He grunted, exasperated that I was so dense I failed to see the critical importance of hiding an empty Mason jar in my room.It's for your urine.My what?He rolled his eyes, a growl-like sound sliding through his teeth ashe leaned down, closer to my ear. Urine. Pee. Whatever. For the testing.I lifted the jar to eye level. I think they'll give me somethingsmaller....You took your meds today, right? he whispered.I nodded.Then use this jar to save it.Save . . . ?Your urine. If you give them some of today's tomorrow, it'll seem like you're still taking your meds.You want me to . . . dole it out? Into specimen jars?Got a better idea?Um, no, but ... I lifted the jar and stared into it.Oh, for God's sake. Save your piss. Don't save your piss. It's all the same to me.Simon peeked around the corner, brows lifted. I was going to ask what you guys were doing, but hearing that, I think I'll pass.
Kelley Armstrong