Adam Lori called loudly enough for me to hear her but not so loud that her voice would carry up to my mom in the marina office- or to her dad who might be listening from their screened porch facing the water. I came over to get some tips from the boys about teaching Tammy and Rachel to board. Of course I did not come over here to see you. How could you think such a thing That would be disobedient. I held up the wax. For my own disobedience I have to buff the boat. Then I’m going for a jog. She tilted her head. Probably her eyes widened but I couldn’t see them behind her sunglasses. I hated not being able to see her eyes. She asked In this heat? I didn’t mind jogging in the heat. The heat was a big friendly animal that liked to wrestle and only occasionally sat on me until I lost my breath. Anyway she was missing the point. I repeated carefully I am GOING for a JOG. I HEARD you the FIRST time she said. It’s late afternoon in the middle of June. It’s ninety-five degrees out here. He means he’s GOING for a JOG Rachel and Tammy said at the same time. He’s GOING for a JOG.Lori still didn’t get it. Normally her blondeness was one of the things I loved about her. At the moment not so much. Exasperated Cameron told her Adam wants you to go for a jog too. She said Oh If you two airheads have to hook up secretly for very long Sean said you’re not going to make it.
Jennifer Echols