Fuck, Syn growled. He was still thinking of solutions when he heard something scrape against his doorknob. Something metal was tampering with the lock. If he were anywhere else in the apartment he wouldn’t have heard it, but he was right next to the door, so he could hear someone trying to get in. He instinctually moved to stand in front of Furi, pulling his Sig from its holster and unlocking the safety. He felt Furi tensing behind him.He could hear the tool manipulating the lock mechanism. Is this bastard really fuckin’ brave enough to break into my home in broad goddamn daylight? Syn was in awe at the size of this guy’s balls. The closet door was arm's length away. He yanked it open and grabbed the blanket off the top shelf, pulling his loaded twelve-gauge shotgun down just as the door eased open. All Syn could see was the tip of a black boot. Furi griped his shoulder. Hey. Listen to this! Syn yelled out. He put the stock of the gun firmly against his shoulder and pulled the pump back in two extremely swift moves. The sound was extremely loud and intimidating in the quiet room, by far the scariest sound an intruder could hear.Don’t shoot, Dirty Harry. The irritating chuckle that followed was unmistakable.Son of a bitch, Syn grumbled. Day, have you lost your fuckin’ mind?His Lieutenants came all the way through the door, Day laughing at the pissed look on Syn's face and Furi leaning on the wall behind him recovering from a panic attack. Syn. What the hell is going on man? Are you really gonna put a buckshot in someone you think is breakin’ into your little-ass apartment? Because, you do know that that’s excessive force, right? God asked, looking at him expectantly.I was just scaring them off. No one comes in after hearing that sound, trust me. Syn removed the shell and placed the gun back in the closet, covering it with the blanket. He turned to look at Furi. He looked a little pale but he was okay.Syn spun back around, Day. Knock on my damn door like a normal visitor and wait for me to say come in!Day pfftd, plopping down on the couch. You don’t invite the wind. The wind just–Stop saying that stupid wind bullshit. Because if your door is shut and you weather guard that bitch then the wind stays the fuck out until ... You. Open. The. Door. Syn’s dark eyes bored into Day’s hazel ones.God’s laugh was raspy, while Day looked bewildered. But we’re family.Oh for fuck’s sake, Syn grumbled, he had to get going; he had no time to explain to Day about how to behave in civilized society. He turned serious eyes back on Furi. I gotta go, but I really think–Furi pulled Syn to him before he could finish the sentence, kissed him hard on the mouth before turning, heading to the bedroom. Just concentrate on your job and don’t take any officers away from their assignments to follow me. There could be someone out there who really needs their help.Syn didn’t get to say anything else because Furi had closed the bedroom door. End of discussion.
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