Lea stood upon a fallen log ahead of us, staring ahead. Mouse walked up to her.Gggrrrr rawf arrrgggrrrrarrrr, I said.Mouse gave me an impatient glance and somehow--I don't know if it was something in his body language or what--I became aware that he was telling me to sit down and shut up or he'd come over and make me.I sat down. Something in me really didn't like that idea, but when I looked around, I saw that everyone else had done it too and that made me feel better.Mouse said, again in what sounded like perfectly clear English, Funny. Now restore them.Lea turned to look at the big dog and said, Do you dare to give me commands, hound?Not your hound, Mouse said. I didn't know how he was doing it. His mouth wasn't moving or anything. Restore them before I rip your ass off. Literally rip it off.The Leanansidhe tilted her head back and let out a low laugh. You are far from your sources of power here, my dear demon.I live with a wizard. I cheat. He took a step toward her and his lips peeled up from his fangs in unmistakable hostility. You want to restore them? Or do I kill you and get them back that way?Lea narrowed her eyes. Then she said, You're bluffing.One of the big dog's huge, clawed paws dug at the ground, as if bracing him for a leap and his growl seemed to . . . I looked down and checked. It didn't seem to shake the ground. The ground was actually shaking for several feet in every direction of the dog. Motes of blue light began to fall from his jaws, thickly enough that it looked quite a bit like he was foaming at the mouth. Try me.The Leanansidhe shook her head slowly. Then she said, How did Dresden ever win you?He didn't, Mouse said. I won him.
Jim Butcher
Evil is not just a theory of paradox, but an actual entity that exists only for itself. From its ether of manifestation that is garlanded in perpetual darkness, it not only influences and seeks the ruination and destruction of everything that resides in our universe, but rushes to embrace its own oblivion as well.To accomplish this, however, it must hide within the shroud of lies and deceit it spins to manipulate the weak-minded as well as those who choose to ally themselves with it for their own personal gain. For evil must rely on the self-serving interests of the arrogant, the lustful, the power-hungry, the hateful and the greedy to feed and proliferate. This then becomes the condition of evil’s existence: the baneful ideologies of those who wantonly chose to ignore the needs and rights of others, inducing oppression, fear, pain and even death throughout the cosmos. And by these means, evil seeks to supplant the balance of the universe with its perverse nature. And once all that was good has been extinguished by corruption or annihilation, evil will then turn upon and consume what remains: particularly its immoral servants who have assisted its purpose so well … along with itself. And within that terrible instant of unimaginable exploding quantum fury, it will burn brighter than a trillion galaxies to herald its moment of ultimate triumph. But a moment is all that it shall be. And a micro-second later when the last amber burns and flickers out to the demise of dissolving ash, evil will leave its legacy of a totally devoid universe as its everlasting monument to eternal death.
R.G. Risch