When was the last time you were kissed? he went on easily. And I am not talking about the dry, noncommittal, meaningless kiss you forget about as soon as it's over. I scrambled out of my stupor long enough to quip, Like last night's kiss? He cocked an eyebrow. That so? I wonder, then, why you moaned my name after you drifted to sleep. I did not!If only I'd had a video recorder. When was the last time you were really kissed? he repeated.You seriously think I am going to tell you? Your ex? he guessed. And if he was?Was it your ex who taught you to be ashamed and uncomfortable with intimacy? He took from you what he wanted, but never seemed to be around when you wanted something back, isn't that right? What do you want, Britt? he asked me point-blank. Do you really want to pretend like last night never happened? Whatever happened between me and Calvin isn't your business, I fired back.For your information, he was a really great boyfriend. I-I wish I was with him right now! I exclaimed untruthfully. My careless comment made him flinch, but he recovered quickly.Does he love you? What? I said, flustered. If you know him so well, it shouldn't be a hard question. Is he in love with you? Was he ever in love with you?I tossed my head back haughtily. I know what you're doing. You're trying to cut him down because you're-you're jealous of him! You're damn right I am jealous, he growled. When I kiss a girl, I like to know she's thinking about me, not the fool who gave her up.
Becca Fitzpatrick