Anyone can say 'I love you', however so many other sayings carry more weight in a relationship:I understand what you went through because I went through it too.I believe you and in you.I see the pain you are going through and we will conquer this together. I don’t want to change you. I just want to help you become the best version of yourself.You matter to me, therefore I will be there for you always. I will never keep things from you because you have my respect and friendship. If I find out someone is putting you down, I will stand up for you. Your character will always shine when I speak about you because to damage your name is to damage ours.I will go to the ends of the earth to save you from yourself or others.What you have to say is important to me because I see you’re hurting and that hurts me, so I am going to listen. Together we will solve this problem.I don’t care about your past. That was yesterday. Today, we are going to start over because people make mistakes, but they don’t have to pay for them for the rest of their life.How can I help you get through this?In sickness or in health...I meant it and I will search the world to find a way to keep you in it because you mean that much to me.I don’t want to be your parent. I want to be your best friend, lover, cheering section, playmate and fill all the important parts of your soul. Together we will fill the rest as equals.
Shannon L. Alder