I must have roamed dementedly about for a time in the streets. When I at last got back to my own place, Faustine was again there ahead of me, coiled torpid in the bed like a loathsome boa-constrictor. She was already in the never-never land where ghouls like her belonged. I covered her face with one of the pillows, pressed down upon it with the weight of my whole body, held it there until she should have been dead ten times over. Yet when I removed the pillow to look, the black of strangulation was missing from her face. She was still in that state of suspended animation that defied me, a taunting smile visible about her lips.I had a gun in my valise, from years before when I'd been on an engineering job in the jungles of Ecuador. I got it out, looked it over. It was still in good working order, although it only had one bullet left in it. That one would be enough. She wasn't going to escape me! I pressed the muzzle to her smooth white forehead, mid-center. Die, damn you! I growled and pulled the trigger back. It exploded with a crash. A film of smoke hid her face from me for a minute. When it had cleared again, I looked.There was no bullet-hole in her skull!A black powder-smudge marked the point of contact. The gun dropped to the floor with a thud. That ineradicable smile still glimmered up at me, as if to say: You see? You can't. I rubbed my finger over the black; the skin was unbroken underneath. A blank cartridge, that must have been it. I raised her head; there was a rent in the sheet under it. I probed through it with two fingers. I could feel the bullet lying imbedded down in the stuffing of the mattress.(Vampire's Honeymoon)'s Honeymoon
Cornell Woolrich
Yeah, I get it; you're a vampire, she said. Creepy. And okay, a little hot, I admit. You don't mean that. Come on. I still like you, you know, even if you... crave plasma. Michael blinked and looked at her as if he had never seen her before.You what?Like. You. Eve enunciated slowly, as if Michael might not know the words. Idiot. I always have. What, you didn't know? Eve sounded cool and grown-up about it, but Claire saw the hectic color in her cheeks, under the makeup. How clueless are you? Does it come with the fangs? I guess I... I just thought... Hell. I just didn't think... You're kind of intimidating, you know. I am intimidating? Me? I run like a rabbit from trouble, mostly, Eve said.It's all show and makeup. You're the one who's intimidating. I mean, come on. All that talent and you look... Well, you know how you look. How do I look? He sounded fascinated now and he'd actually moved a little closer to Eve on the couch. She laughed. Oh come on. You're a total model-babe. You're kidding.You don't think you are?He shook his head. Then you're kind of an idiot, Glass. Smart, but and idiot. Eve crossed her arms.So? What exactly do you think about me, except that I’m intimidating?I think you’re…you’re…ah, interesting? Michael was amazingly bad at this, Claire thought, but then he saved it by looking away and continuing. I think you’re beautiful. And really, really strange.Eve smiled and looked down and that looked like a real blush, under the rice powder. Thanks for that, she said, I never thought you knew I existed, or if you did, that you thought I was anything but Shane’s bratty freak friend.Well, to be fair, you are Shane’s bratty freak friend.Hey!You can be bratty and beautiful, Michael said. I think it’s interesting.
Rachel Caine