Broke into the house of expectationsTo escape the battles that robbed meFollowed the shadows of past loversLet everyone I worshipped abandon meTortured the artist who stained my skinRemedial like the ferris wheelMy soul won’t reincarnate Apocalyptic Earth splits into crumblesNurtured and shaped a soul that wasn’t mineTo announce the arrival of springFixed the shallow pool of tearsTo terminate the heartache it caused meCrafted the tales into a legendLet everyone I loved demolish me Accused the saviour of false heroismUnfaithful like the zodiac starsMy soul won’t be convicted Tragic mind will drown in the holy riverChased the clouds to the end of the rainbowPainted the walls black to conceal my intensionsFell from the edge of the Earth, in his arms I layWith a tattoo on my skin, that said God Is Gay
Vanshika Dhyani