Syn didn’t even think twice. He made his way to the end of the bar and lifted the top, coming behind the bar. The two girl bartenders looked at him in shock and Syn flashed his badge again. Where’s Furious? he asked, using his authoritative cop tone.He left, they said in unison, still looking at him strangely.Damnit, Syn hissed and raced out of the pub.He looked anxiously up and down the sidewalk and saw Furious sitting on the bench, head hanging low, waiting on the bus. Even though he had a hoodie pulled up and hanging low over his forehead ... Syn knew it was his ma– He’s not my damn man, he’s just a friend.Syn approached his new friend with all the confidence in the world but wasn’t prepared for the angry, haunted eyes that looked up at him when he slowly removed Furious’ hood. Syn sucked in a hard breath and blew it out slowly before finally deciding to speak. Furious. Are you okay?No answer.Are you hurt? Syn was really concerned. Furious looked detached, closed in on himself.Bab– Shit. Furi, Syn quickly corrected. Please answer me. Look my place is right there. Syn pointed in the direction of his building. If you want you can come up and talk. I can take you home later.It was a few long and very intense minutes that Furious didn’t move or say anything.We’ll just talk, okay? Syn tried again.Thanks a lot MARTA. Perfect timing. Just Syn’s luck that the bus pulled up to the curb and the air doors swung open.Furious, I just want to talk.No thanks, Detective. Furious' voice was so deep and angry, it’d felt like Furi had struck him. Syn swallowed a hard gulp.
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