Home is where your people are.
Richie Norton
I gave her the world, the moon, the sun, the stars, the planets... I gave her my breath, my voice, my sight, my life... I gave her memories, dreams, happiness... I gave her care and compassion... I gave her everything... and with sickly curved words, venom dripping from her fingers, she whispered in a way that would shatter glass... between her poisonous lips and her barbed teeth, she told me a story of blackness and catastrophe... from her mind a story of corruption and infamy sprang, her first touch an eternal perversion of my vision of life, an absolute seduction from the face of unbearable desire herself... the chills of a dead soul are frosty, a clouded layer of ash fills my insides, specks of dust fill my veins, empty thoughts smother my mind... and in the final steps of our pitifully destructive dance, I will dip you low, caress you so closely, feel the softness of your neck with the skin of my lips and, for that single moment, lost in the promise in your eyes and the intoxicating scent of your taunt body, I saw a sort of perfection that in any other place and light I would only hopelessly attempt to imagine... a horribly curious vividly creative swirl of chaos and flesh eating light, a specter of glow, paint and sound whose first inhalation is the slow quiver of last exhale, my exhale, my final whisper... I only wish I could have done more... but so impossible was it to resist what made her, her...
Hubert Martin
Some of the most evil human beings in the world are psychiatrists. Not all psychiatrists. Some psychiatrists are selfless, caring people who really want to help. But the sad truth is that in today's society, mental health isn't a science. It's an industry. Ritalin, Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, Resperidone, happy pills that are supposed to normalize the behavior of our families, our colleagues, our friends - tell me that doesn't sound the least bit creepy! Mental health is subjective. To us, a little girl talking to her pretend friends instead of other children might just be harmless playing around. To a psychiatrist, it's a financial opportunity. Automatically, the kid could be swept up in a sea of labels. not talking to other kids? Okay, she's asocial! or imaginary friends? Bingo, she has schizophrenia! I am not saying in any way that schizophrenia and social disorders aren't real. But the alarming number of people, especially children, who seem to have these illnesses and need to be medicated or locked up... it's horrifying. The psychiatrists get their prestigious reputation and their money to burn. The drug companies get fast cash and a chance to claim that they've discovered a wonder-drug, capable of curing anyone who might be a burden on society... that's what it's all about. It's not about really talking to these troubled people and finding out what they need. It's about giving them a pill that fits a pattern, a weapon to normalize people who might make society uncomfortable. The psychiatrists get their weapon. Today's generations get cheated out of their childhoods. The mental health industry takes the world's most vulnerable people and messes with their heads, giving them controlled substances just because they don't fit the normal puzzle. And sadly, it's more or less going to get worse in this rapidly advancing century.
Rebecca McNutt
At last, when the dust settled, the Queen and the Jinni stood on the mountaintop and looked down on the battlefield and the bodies spread like leaves across the desert. The Queen fell to her knees, wearied and wounded and her sword dropped from her hand. Before her, the doorway to Ambadya burned with fires of every color.All I wanted, said the Queen, was peace between our peoples. But I see now that this is not possible, for my people are ruled by a dreamer and the jinn are ruled by a monster. My only consolation is that thou art by my side, my Jinni. I would die in the company of a friend and give thee my final breath. For I have one wish remaining and it is for thy freedom, yea, even at the cost of mine own life.At this the Jinni shook her head, replying, Nay, my queen. The time for wishing is passed. For here is the Shaitan, Lord of all Jinn and King of Ambadya.And even as she spoke, the fires in the doorway rose higher and through them stepped Nardukha the Shaitan, terrible to behold.O impudent woman, said the Shaitan, looking down at the Queen. Wouldst thou dare make the Forbidden Wish?I would, she replied. For I fear thee not.Then thou art a fool.As the Queen’s heart turned to ashes, realizing her doom was upon her, the Shaitan turned to the Jinni and said, Dost thou recall the first rule of thy kinsmen, Jinni?And the Jinni replied, Love no human.And hast thou kept this commandment?Lord, I have. And up she rose, as the Queen cried out in dismay.Are not we like sisters? asked the Queen. Of one heart and one spirit?And the Jinni replied, Nay, for I am a creature of Ambadya and thus is my nature deceitful and treacherous. My Lord has come at last and I would do all that he commands.The Shaitan, looking on with approval, said to the Jinni, This human girl is proud and foolish, thinking she could rule both men and jinn. I am well pleased with thee, my servant, who hast brought her to me. Slay the queen and prove thy loyalty to thy king.And the Jinni grinned and in her eyes rose a fire. With pleasure, my Lord.Then, with a wicked laugh, she struck down the good and noble Queen, the mightiest and wisest of all the Amulen monarchs, whose only mistake was that she had dared to love a Jinni.
Jessica Khoury