She shivered under his touch, desire dampening her panties and making her clench her thighs together in an attempt to find some relief. His devilish hands relaxed their grip on her hips and slid around to cup her ass, pulling her close. Thick, hard evidence of his desire pressed against her belly. God, she wanted this man and not just to silent the stressful thoughts always swirling in her head. She wanted him, not just the divine moment of oblivion that blocked out everything else.The realization scared her and brought some unwanted reality into the room. We shouldn't be doing this.Why? He made quick work of the buttons on her petal-pink cashmere sweater and parted her cardigan. Sean gave a soft growl as he stared at her silver satin pushup bra that presented her boobs like an all-you-can-lick buffet. Because I am your employee?He licked his lips and slid his thumb across the satin covering her hard nipple.Yes, she said, sighing. An answer to his question or a response to even the lightest of touches? Both.Easy fix. He snapped the front closure of her bra and her tits tumbled out. I quit.Bending forward, he lifted one heavy globe and took the hard nub into his hot mouth. Fire sizzled through her veins and it felt so good she couldn't wait to burn.You can't quit. She reached down for the top button of his jeans and flicked it open. We need you. I need you.He released her nipple and she groaned in frustration. Then he found the hem of her skirt and inched it higher and the soft groan that floated out of her mouth was for a whole other reason.Hire me back in about an hour or, better yet, a few days.The cool air caressed her upper thighs as he raised her skirt, but it wasn't enough to relieve the molten heat engulfing her. I like how you think.
Avery Flynn