Excuse me, sir. One the young officers put his hand up to stop them. Are you Furious Barkley?Maybe. Maybe not. Is there a problem, officers? Doug stepped in front of Furi.Damn straight there’s a problem. Syn stepped inside the door, yanking his dark aviator glasses off his face. The scowl he wore told Furi this was not a pleasant coincidence. Thanks guys, you can go.Furi stood with his mouth hanging open while Syn dismissed the officers.Seriously, Starsky. You gonna track my boy down every time he leaves the house? Doug said angrily, still blocking Furi.He’s not your boy. And what I do regarding Furi is none of your goddamn business. Syn’s clenched jaw made his words sound like an evil hiss. He shouldered past Doug and got directly in Furi’s face. When I’ve been calling him for over six hours and he hasn’t picked up or returned any of my calls, I’ll send a fuckin’ SWAT team to find him if I want to.Syn spun and pointed his finger in Doug’s face, That’s my say, not yours. Syn’s voice was rising with his growing temper and all eyes were on them.Okay, let’s get out of here. Furi pushed at both men, urging them out the door.As soon as they were out in the brisk fall air, Syn rounded on Furi, pushing their chest together. Where have you been, Furious? I’ve been going crazy trying to check on you and you’re sitting here casually eating pancakes, Syn growled.Hey, back up, man. Doug tried to wedge in between Furi and Syn.Syn looked up in annoyance. Doug, I swear, if you touch me, I’m gonna ensure that you never regain the use of that hand.Okay, okay. Furi put both hands flat on Syn’s chest, feeling his rapid heartbeat underneath all that muscle. Fuck. He really was scared. What was I thinking turning off my phone with everything that’s going on? Syn. I’m so sorry. I turned my phone off because–You don’t owe him an explanation. You’re a grown man, Furious. You were having a business meeting; he has no right to demand you be available to him at all times, just like Patrick.Furi and Syn both snapped at Doug. But Furi took control. Hey! Don’t you ever say that again. This man is nothing like that asshole. Furi shook his head at the absurdity of Doug’s accusation. Don’t even say his name in the same sentence as Patrick’s.Doug looked at Furi as if he were a stranger.Doug, you don’t know everything that’s been going on. But I promise I’ll catch you up, okay? Then you’re going to feel pretty shitty about what you just said about Syn. Furi nodded his head. Go home. I’ll call you when I’m back at Syn’s place.You’re staying with him? Doug yelled.Doug. You know it’s not safe at my place, Furi said softly, his eyes pleading with his friend for him to understand.Then you should come to stay with me. I don’t trust this guy!This is fuckin’ crazy, Syn snarled. I know you’re his friend, but you’re sounding more pissed than a friend should be.Don’t try to read me, Detective. Furi is my best friend and I’ve had his back since the first day he got here. Doug wasn’t backing down from Syn’s intimidating posture. Syn’s dark glasses were back on, creating a perfectly badass look with his black leather coat and boots. All the hardware Syn had tucked under his arms and the shiny badge hanging around his neck was a sight right out of a sexy cop porno.
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