I am.I always was.I always am.I shall always be.The past and the futuremeet in the eternal now.I am the eternal now.I exist. I am.I am in the past.I am in the future.I am in the now.One is all and all are one.We are one.Everything I see is a part of myself.Everything I can imagine is a part of myself.I could not imagine somethingthat is not. Everyone I interact withis a part of myself.Whatever I put out, I get it back.My state of being matters,it crystallises in my circumstances.The way I respond to my circumstancesreinforces my state of being.When I see an echo of an old beliefI respond with peace in my heart.My actions are matched with the highest version of myself I can imagine in that moment.Everything changes,and everything transformsfrom one form of life to yet another.It is a constant flow of life.It is the heart of all existence.Nothing can perish,nothing can cease being.I am always new.I am always history free.I am always consequence free.Yet I can create an illusion of consequence.Everything is possible,yet not everything is probable.It all depends on my synchronicity.What I choose to exploreshall present itself to me.What I believe to be true, is true.All illusions are made out of different beliefs.Yet there is only one knowledge.It is the wisdom of old, yet new.The thought gains the power,when it merges with the feeling.I feel what I desire.I always receive what I ask for.I always manifest instantly with no effort.My wisdom is to be aware of what I request.So it be.So it is.I ask for love,and I welcome bliss.
Raphael Zernoff