The color-patches of vision part, shift and reform as I move through space in time. The present is the object of vision and what I see before me at any given second is a full field of color patches scattered just so. The configuration will never be repeated. Living is moving; time is a live creek bearing changing lights. As I move, or as the world moves around me, the fullness of what I see shatters. Last forever! Who hasn’t prayed that prayer? You were lucky to get it in the first place. The present is a freely given canvas. That it is constantly being ripped apart and washed downstream goes without saying; it is a canvas, nevertheless. But there is more to the present than a series of snapshots. We are not merely sensitized film; we have feelings, a memory for information and an eidetic memory for the imagery of our pasts. Our layered consciousness is a tiered track for an unmatched assortment of concentrically wound reels. Each one plays out for all of life its dazzle and blur of translucent shadow-pictures; each one hums at every moment its own secret melody in its own unique key. We tune in and out. But moments are not lost. Time out of mind is time nevertheless, cumulative, informing the present. From even the deepest slumber you wake with a jolt- older, closer to death and wiser, grateful for breath. But time is the one thing we have been given and we have been given to time. Time gives us a whirl. We keep waking from a dream we can’t recall, looking around in surprise and lapsing back, for years on end. All I want to do is stay awake, keep my head up, prop my eyes open, with toothpicks, with trees.
Annie Dillard
I have always said which politics is ugly, still i would like to tell let's have no faith in politics and don't trust politician. see what is going on in our world most important in our own country, can you really see? people are getting killed or losing their life for the false and wrong purposes of those ugly politician. i can expect more worse the situation then it is right now and I am pretty sure I won't be disappointed. i wish our fellow humans specially our nation understand that we will never be able to build our country by making war everywhere, as i always said that with war we can not bulid our country, make our nation life better and bring a positive change in our society or our world. with war we only destroy our country, killing our fellow human beings and even destroying humanity inside of ourselves. Let's understand that we have a group of wrong and ugly people which we call them ( politician ). they are trying to do whatever they can and it take even the let lots of people to die for their own purpose to get what they want. they will never be able to bring peace by what they are busy doing so please come join me and let's say (No) to war and not only with words but we need to show it practically in our life , Let's not to pick up guns and refuse to go War. We need to have faith in God and follow the right path that he showed us. Let's spread love among human beings. Remember that if you keep having faith in politics and politician, i promise that you will see more difficult time and more worse then how it is now. Let's stop making excuses, having faith in God, asking him for help and following the right path that he showed us.
Arash Tabish