She traced the dragon’s body on his biceps where it transitioned into rope. I just thought it would be more difficult. After all this time, the heartache, the waiting, the despairing and giving up, the pure pissed-offness of dealing with near misses… She blew out a breath. And there it is. With you, easy as breathing. ‘I’m in love with you.’ You said it and meant it. It changes the universe, but the way throwing a stone in a pond does. All those ripples. It's…amazing.She frowned and cocked her head. There should at least be dramatic music. I can retract it if you want. Brood for a while, play commitment paranoia games, alienate you so we break up, sort of and then I chase you down before you make some monumental decision, like moving back to New York, or signing up for a three year stint in the merchant marines. Then we can have a big makeup scene. She pursed her lips. Complete with dramatic music. Absolutely. If I could afford it, I’d hire John Williams to come up with the score. You’d do all that for me? Hell, no. He snorted, puffing a short, playful breath against her. I’d tie you up and keep you in my basement until you contracted Stockholm syndrome and couldn’t breathe without me.She tipped her head back, sobering. Sometimes, it feels like I can’t. Crazy, right? He put his mouth on hers and took her air in the best kind of way, all while giving it back to her. at her, boyishly appealing, but then sobered. We’re normal, extraordinary people, he said. It took us a while, but we always knew what it would look like when it happened. The simplicity of it is what makes it extraordinary. A tadpole gets legs and walks on land and evolution begins. All in a simple blink, the whole world changes.
Joey W. Hill