Suppose after all that death does end all. Next to eternal joy, next to being forever with those we love and those who have loved us, next to that, is to be wrapt in the dreamless drapery of eternal peace. Next to eternal life is eternal sleep.Upon the shadowy shore of death the sea of trouble casts no wave. Eyes that have been curtained by the everlasting dark, will never know again the burning touch of tears. Lips touched by eternal silence will never speak again the broken words of grief. Hearts of dust do not break. The dead do not weep. Within the tomb no veiled and weeping sorrow sits and in the rayless gloom is crouched no shuddering fear.I had rather think of those I have loved and lost, as having returned to earth, as having become a part of the elemental wealth of the world – I would rather think of them as unconscious dust, I would rather dream of them as gurgling in the streams, floating in the clouds, bursting in the foam of light upon the shores of worlds, I would rather think of them as the lost visions of a forgotten night, than to have even the faintest fear that their naked souls have been clutched by an orthodox god.I will leave my dead where nature leaves them. Whatever flower of hope springs up in my heart I will cherish, I will give it breath of sighs and rain of tears. But I cannot believe that there is any being in this universe who has created a human soul for eternal pain. I would rather that every god would destroy himself; I would rather that we all should go to eternal chaos, to black and starless night, than that just one soul should suffer eternal agony.I have made up my mind that if there is a God, he will be merciful to the merciful.Upon that rock I stand. –That he will not torture the forgiving. –Upon that rock I stand. –That every man should be true to himself and that there is no world, no star, in which honesty is a crime.Upon that rock I stand.The honest man, the good woman, the happy child, have nothing to fear, either in this world or the world to come.Upon that rock I stand.
Robert G. Ingersoll
You Have Happened To MeLike the first blossom of the spring and the first drizzle of the rain, You have happened to me.With that sudden smile, very close to mine, You have happened to me.When I was at lowest aura, with tears on edge of my eyes, You have happened to me.When I have least expected, in that depth of our talks, out of my knowledge,You have happened to me.Somewhere in those loud laughs and gathering some smoky puffs, You have happened to me.Without the fear of world, got tied up with just one knurled,You have happened to me.In the most beautiful way I could ever imagine, while getting my self lagin, You have happened to me.I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a miracle then,How you have happened to me?I am still surprised with those shiny sparks in my eyes,You have happened to me.Talking about having the happy time, you became the reason of my smile,You have happened to me.In those long waits and running behind your fast steps,You have happened to me.Around your long advices, rolling my eyes while trying to believe in them,You have happened to me.The warmth of tea I have sipped next to you, melted my heart for you and You have happened to me.Over those answers of my every question and the way my heart felt so freshen,You have happened to me,Somehow surrounded by our rational deliberation and continuous feel of desperation,You have happened to me.Looking at you a many times a day and look! How it is changing the way in slow motion, You have happened to me.
Trushti Raval
Rylan! Melanie squeals, high-pitched enough to break glass. I, so sorry I haven't talked to you all night. Being a hostess is hard work. She dramatically wipes imaginary sweat off her forehead. Anyway, I finally have some free time. So why don't we go dance, hmm?Gripping my waist a little too tightly for my taste, she tries to pull me back to the house. I stand strong., jerking Melanie back when I don't move.No thanks, Melanie. My free arm tightens around Ivy's waist. I already am dancing with someone.Melanie's sight flickers to Ivy and for a moment contempt skews her big grin. But it's gone in an instant as Melanie stretches her fake smile to the point she's showing gums and asks, through gritted teeth, Hi. What's your name?Ivy can tell there's something off with the girl in front of her, but she still gives her a polite greeting. Hello. My name is Ivy. How do you do?Melanie completely ignores the question and turns back to me. You never told me you invited someone else, Rylan. Melanie's smile goes harsh. I am sorry, but unless I give the okay, no one outside of school is invited. She glares at Ivy. I'll have to ask you to leave.Ivy tilts her head, befuddled at the sudden hostility. You want me to go?Melanie rolls her eyes. Uh, yeah. I just said that.Ivy stares down at her feet, ashamed and no doubt guilty for the wrong reason. She nods. Okay.She begins to leave but I grab her wrist and pull her back against me. I glare at Melanie. What if I don't want her to go? I growl.Yeah, Melanie!To my relief, I see Aidan and Nadia wiggle through the crowd. Neither of them look very happy; Nadia's downright fuming. Despite the whole my liking Ivy case, she's still there for me.Don't go telling people they can't be here, Nadia growls, her eyes flashing dangerously. Who died and made you think you can boss everyone around?Last time I checked, this is my party and therefore I choose who I invite or not, declares Melanie with an obvious edge in her voice.That's no excuse! The only reason you want her gone is so you can make Rylan your new boy toy, which he doesn't want!Oh, like you know him so well?I am his best friend, bitch! Excuse me!?ENOUGH!With one word, I bring the argument to an end and all attention back on me.Nadia's right, I state, glowering at Melanie. Nadia's always been right. You know one of the reasons I came, other than to show Ivy a good time? It was to tell you to leave me alone, okay? I. Don't. Like. You. So leave me alone!It was like I announced I farted. Everyone starts whispering with disbelief. No one has ever turned down the advances of Melanie Sweet—until now. It's turning into a night of first for them.Melanie obviously isn't used to this, as her face reddens like a tomato, her beautifully manicured hands clench into fists and her usually angelic face morphs into a full-blown snarl.How sweet.
Colleen Boyd