The Mesmerizing Mind of Lizi - Abhijit NaskarFor ages I’ve been roaming around the lands of sand,in search of a being with a compassionate hand.I ran through thy sky again and again,but didn’t find a soul nowhere in the rain.I walked into heaven and peeked through the hell,all were futile, nothing went well.So I fell from thy sky on the ground of humanity,to find that heart full of serenity.Suddenly the brightness of a thousand suns dazzled my eyes,I had a vision of priceless golden mines.Nobody could see it nor they could realize,there were jewels of happiness I did visualize.The mines of joy were hidden for so long,in the soul I glanced amidst the nature’s song.She felt like the breeze, peace and calm,watching her smile the birds began to hum.Humanity was alive, so were humane virtues,she made me feel like I had wings but no shoes.My feet touched the grasses which she was touching as well,a bolt of lightning passed my eyes as I felt her in my cells.Her big vivacious eyes drowned me inside,I swimmed in the ocean of her marvelous mind.A whole new world got opened up to me,devoid of all sorrows, fear and beyond all earthly glee.Your gesture of kindness was sacred and full of purity,you’ve made a big, bright corner in my heart’s little city.& Neurons: Memoir of a scientist who found himself by getting lost
Abhijit Naskar