THE SON ALWAYS SHINESWe speak of the weather everyday. Is it going to be cloudy and overcast, or will the sunshine provide us warmth on this new day?We all love the days when the sun shines brightly. Not only does the sun brighten our day, it serves as a beacon of fulfillment and lasting optimism in this constantly changing world.The SUN which, by the way is 93 million miles away from earth, is all well and good for our positive outlooks, but it cannot bring us as much joy and contentment as we seriously lack in our lives. The sun does invigorate our bodies, but does nothing to stimulate our souls.There is only one SON that can revitalize our souls and make us truly contented. That's God's Son, Jesus Christ. With the Son of God in our lives, nothing is impossible. With Jesus in our hearts, His powerful loves radiates through our souls and is magnified through our thoughts, words and deeds. His brightness is shone through in every aspect of our lives.With Jesus, we sense a new beginning each and every day. He can fill all voids we allow Him to fill. Christ is eager and willing to enter our hearts. He will begin to shine his everlasting light of love, hope and grace throughout our future discipleship in His word.Jesus can turn any sadness into gladness, turn doom and despair into hope and reassurance and more importantly; hate into love.His abundant gifts of mercy and love can transform any lonely den of darkness into a palace of brightly lit possibilities. Ask Jesus to enter your life and transform it into a splendid garden where hope and love spring eternal.The next time we gaze out the window and see clouds forming, let us not forget that the Son always shines. As long as we believe and carry Him in our hearts and minds, no day will be gloomy and downcast. God's Son shines in our lives everyday!__In Christian Praise, Much
Pazaria Smith