Christian missions to India imply that India is a land of heathens and, therefore, stands on the same level with the Andaman or the Fiji Islands. That a country which has been recognised in all ages the world over as the mother of all religions and the cradle of civilisation should be considered as pagan, shows how much ignorance prevails in Christendom. Since the Parliament of Religions, I have been studying Christian institutions and I have also studied the way in which the Christian ministers and the missionaries are manufactured in this country and have learned to pity them. We must not blame them too severely, because their education is too narrow to make them broad-minded. I grant that they are good-hearted, that they are good husbands and often fathers of large families, but generally they are very ignorant, especially of the history of civilisation and of the philosophy of religion of India. Most of them do not even know the history of ancient India.We know that in this age of competition, centralisation and monopoly, very many people are forced out of business. The English say, 'The fool of the family goes into the Church'; so that when a youth is unable to make a living, he takes to missionary work, goes to India and helps to introduce among the Hindus the doctrines of his church, which have long since been exploded by science.
Virchand Gandhi
Remember always...friends.............Dislike:-----There are some people who do not want to see your success ...There are some people who will envy you ...There are some people who will make you a fool ...There are some people who will not like u anytime...There are some people who want to make you fall down...Like:----There are some people, who want to see your success ...There are some people ,who want your good . ..There are some people , who like you very much...There are some people who will try to help you all the time ...There are some people who will miss you ...Dislike:------কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনার সাফল্য দেখতে চায় না ।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনাকে হিংসা করবে।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনাকে বোকা বানাবে ।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনাকে কখনই পছন্দ করবে না ।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনাকে পিছন থেকে ফেলে দেয়ার চেস্টা করবে।Like:------কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনার সাফল্য দেখতে চায়।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনার ভাল চায় ।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনাকে খুব পছন্দ করে ।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনাকে সব সময় সাহায্য করার চেস্টা করবে ।কিছু মানুষ আছে,যারা আপনাকে মিস করবে। আসুন আমরা বেছে নিই Like .এবং আমাদের মন থেকে দূর করি Dislikes..