He smirks, shaking his head and letting his eyes wander. I watch him carefully, wondering what I can say to get him to leave. I’m not leaving until you answer some questions. Plus, I’m holding your sketchbook hostage, so you might want to cooperate. I raise an eyebrow at him. I guess there isn’t much I can say. This isn’t a hostage negotiation. He chuckles half-heartedly as his eyes take me in, almost sizing me up. I guess I should introduce myself. He holds a hand out for me to shake. I’m Nathan. I stare at his hand for a moment. Taylor, I reply, meeting his eyes again without taking his hand. He lets his hand fall back to his side. At least I got you to say something non-hostile. I haven’t been hostile, I object. His eyebrows shoot up. Oh, haven’t you? Why don’t you leave me alone? I snap. Leave and don’t come back. I move passed him, heading for my apartment. He can’t follow and annoy me if I lock the door. Where are you going? he demands. I look back over my shoulder and roll my eyes at him, indicating the answer should be obvious: anywhere he isn’t. Once inside, I slam the door behind me. That was totally not hostile! he calls after me, sarcastically. I quickly head for my bedroom door, slamming it, too.
Ashley Earley