Maybe someday I can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but will lack the strength to lift it anymore. Then, I will think to empty the coin from the pot, but will lack the genius to carry out the said act. Later, I will be approached by someone who will ask me about the story of the pot of gold. I will attempt to explain the story to them in the best way that I can.The person might then ask me, How much of it was true? and to them I shall respond with a question.How much do you have believed of it to be of truth and be not farce? They will ponder over what has been asked of them. They will solemnly look first to the ground and then to the sky, seeking the divine answer to disarm, or perhaps the answer to their own question. After much time spent rehearsing the question and answer in their head, they will have finally reached the answer.Half—half of it I believe were true. They will say to me with complete confidence and then that confidence will subside assertively into a question. Feeling flustered and unsure of themselves, with their face representing melting wax, they will again look to me for an answer.Half of it was true then, I will reply to them with my assertiveness. Puzzled and dumbfounded, the person will ask me, How was half of it true then?I will reply to this person in a sincere attempt to gain their confidence and instill wisdom in them.I cannot tell you what is right or wrong, only what I think is right or wrong. If you believe that half were true, then half were true. If you believe that all of it lies in truth, then all of it were divinely true. If you find that it is absurd and could not share any truth, then there be no truth in the matter. It is your perception that has brought you to your conclusion, not mine. For clearly, if you are thinking about what be true and what be not true, then I have done my job in giving you something to think about, but I cannot think or decide for you.'s Abyss
Phil Volatile