Perception requires imagination because the data people encounter in their lives are never complete and always equivocal. For example, most people consider that the greatest evidence of an event one can obtain is to see it with their own eyes and in a court of law little is held in more esteem than eyewitness testimony. Yet if you asked to display for a court a video of the same quality as the unprocessed data catptured on the retina of a human eye, the judge might wonder what you were tryig to put over. For one thing, the view will have a blind spot where the optic nerve attaches to the retina. Moreover, the only part of our field of vision with good resolution is a narrow area of about 1 degree of visual angle around the retina’s center, an area the width of our thumb as it looks when held at arm’s length. Outside that region, resolution drops off sharply. To compensate, we constantly move our eyes to bring the sharper region to bear on different portions of the scene we wish to observe. And so the pattern of raw data sent to the brain is a shaky, badly pixilated picture with a hole in it. Fortunately the brain processes the data, combining input from both eyes, filling in gaps on the assumption that the visual properties of neighboring locations are similar and interpolating. The result - at least until age, injury, disease, or an excess of mai tais takes its toll - is a happy human being suffering from the compelling illusion that his or her vision is sharp and clear.We also use our imagination and take shortcuts to fill gaps in patterns of nonvisual data. As with visual input, we draw conclusions and make judgments based on uncertain and incomplete information and we conclude, when we are done analyzing the patterns, that out picture is clear and accurate. But is it?'s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives
Leonard Mlodinow
Gentlemen, the king called out and ladies, First Meal is getting cold. Which was the cue for everyone to head back to the dining room and actually eat what had been only studiously ignored up until now. With Payne safe and at home, appetites were free to roam once more . . . although as God was his witness he was not going to think about what the hell that surgeon and his sister were no doubt about to get into. As he groaned, Jane tightened her arm around his waist. Are you all right? He glanced down at his shellan. I don’t think my sister is old enough to have sex. V, she’s the same age you are. He frowned for a moment. Was she? Or had he been born first? Yeah, only one place to go for the answer to that. Shit, he hadn’t even thought of his mother in all this. And now that he was . . . he had absolutely no desire or interest to pop up there and announce that Payne was doing great, fuck you very much. Nope. If the Scribe Virgin wanted to keep tabs on what her children were up to? She could look into those fakakta seeing bowls she liked so much. He kissed his shellan. I don’t care what the calendar says or about the birth order. That’s my baby sister and she’s never going to be old enough to . . . ‘um, yeah.’ Jane laughed and retucked herself under his arm. You are a very sweet male. Nah. Yeah. Leading her into the dining room and over to the table, he gallantly pulled her chair out for her and then he sat to her left so that she was at his dagger hand.- Vishous & Jane
J.R. Ward
So are you going to tell me why Ronowski pulled you into the break room when we got back today? God asked watching Day closely.Day shook his head at him, smiling wickedly. It was about sex.No fucking way. He came to you about sex? God said, not hiding his shock.Who else is he going to ask…his priest? Day said and quickly dodged the piece of garlic bread God threw at his head.Do I want to know? God said.It wasn’t too bad. He wanted to know the best way to pleasure Johnson. Day laughed when God balled up his face and made a gagging sound.There intimacy has been pretty one-sided from what I could understand. Ro was still pretty shy about telling me stuff, so I was mostly guessing. Day wiped his mouth with his napkin before continuing. Being the stud that I am…I gave the kid a few pointers.Stud, huh? God smiled.Yeah. I don’t mind taking the little tike under my homosexual wing and showing him how to fly. Day grinned.You’re twisted. And isn’t Ro like the same age as you, God said.Day blew an exasperated breath. Regardless of age, Cash. I have more experience. Way more. Way, way, way more experience with fucking men than anyone I—I fucking got it, Leo. God scowled at him.Day laughed hysterically. I told him all about how I make you scream my name every night. Day chuckled and bolted up from his chair when God took off after him. Day ran back into the kitchen, jumping and gliding across the kitchen island on his hip and racing into the den. God was hot on his heels.I’ll catch you, you quick little bastard. And when I do, I’m going to show you just how loud I can make you scream, God said in his sexy rough-hewn voice.Oh fuck.Day was laughing so hard he could barely just keep out of God’s grip. He dodged him in the living room, leaping over the coffee table heading fast toward the stairs when he was caught around his waist with a strong arm and dragged back down the two steps he’d cleared.
A. E. Via